The Rito are a courageous species of humanoid avian that tend to live as high off the ground as they possibly can. Though they've been grounded due to the influence of calamity Ganon for the last 100 years, as it was too dangerous to go any higher, they've since moved back to their ancestral home, a chain of floating islands made of a malleable kind of cloud, with the most notable (and their capital) being Dragon's Roost. These islands are located in the sky above the northern end of Tabantha. The Rito use these clouds (and produce more) to build various things and power interesting contraptions only found in these sky islands.

Rito are known for being incredible storytellers and historians. With their ability to fly, many become cartographers, mail carriers, and explorers. Bards are some of the most common found amongst the Rito. They live in tribes and villages, much like humans, with elected mayors, one to represent each tribe; as a whole, the mayors answer to a governing body of 6 elected officials. They have a love for all knowledge and stories, and even the most introverted Rito will open up to someone with a good tale. They subsist on insects, nuts, seeds, fruit, and fish, though the only fish they can get from their islands in the sky is the Skyfish, a mediocre fish with a mediocre flavor.

Rito plumes range in color through the entire spectrum of hues. Some are solid colors, some are patterned or zigzagged. They have prominent beaks of white, yellow, orange, or black, some with spots. They are remarkably strong for their size, and the hollow bones they possess allow them to fly, but make them more susceptible to damage.