Hylians are the dominant race in Hyrule, and act as both the rulers of Hyrule and the Goddesses' chosen. They are strong and dexterous, though they tend to be more graceful than Humans, and slightly more fragile. They excel with both the sword and bow, and those with the mind for it find it easy to bend magical energy to their will. As the Goddesses' chosen, they make great healers and priests, and though they live somewhat aloof, every major action they take is taken with great consideration of their love of the Goddesses.

Hylians as a whole revere their ruling King and Queen, and sometimes even more-so the Princess. After the events of the Calamity, they have lost their ruling King, with the former Princess Zelda taking the reigns as Queen of Hyrule. They are incredibly loyal to the crown, and one would have a very tough time finding a dissenter of Hylian origin.

Like Humans, they tend to vary in size and shape, though all have their trademark pointed ears and fair skin. They tend to be tall and slender. They live almost everywhere in Hyrule, though they originate from Central Hyrule, prominently Hyrule Castle and Castle Town. They live both separately and together in families, much like Humans. Hylians, like Humans, are omnivores.

 The Hylian              Medium Humanoid

2 to Two Stats

Low-Light Vision

Normal Speed, 30 ft.


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