Humans are a hardy race, built strong and tough. Hailing from the Neclida and Eldin regions of Hyrule, Humans make excellent fighters and farmers, and can excel in almost any profession or walk of life they choose. They're incredibly versatile, but they have no unified religion. Though some believe in and worship the Goddesses, they lack the other races' ability to commune with the Goddesses. Some see this as a curse, with humans a doomed race, believing themselves forsaken by the sacred power. As such, humans can never be any class that wields divine power.

They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and skin tones. All have rounded ears. They tend to be stronger and more resilient than Hylians, a trait that has come to define them outside of pure versatility. In particular, the Humans of the Ordon region are especially hardy, and pride themselves on raising horses that Hylian nobility and knights ride.

Humans are omnivores, and can (and will) eat almost anything. They almost always live in groups and villages, though select few will wander off and live in solitude for one reason or another, almost always related to their class.

The Human                Medium Humanoid

+2 to Two Stats

Normal Speed, 30 ft.