The Zora are a tribe of highly intelligent, aquatic humanoids who inhabit freshwater lakes and seas, often marking out a large area to be their city, including Zora's Domain, which is located upstream of the great Lake Hylia. They are thinkers and artists, well-known for their beautiful paintings and impeccable calligraphy. They are also master fisherman, being that they exist solely in water and subsist on a variety of sea-creatures and plant-life. Zora cities are monarchal, with one King or Queen, descended from royal bloodline. As a society, they are eclectic and aloof, but typically friendly to outsiders. In the past, there was a rift between the Zora and the Hylians, but relations between them have strengthened considerably since the events surrounding the defeat of Calamity Ganon.

Zora are nimble and not as well-built as other races, but it suits them for getting around with considerable speed in the water they inhabit. Zora with a royal bloodline often live lives longer than 400 years, a dramatic difference from the usual lifetime of 180-200 years in a typical Zora. They prefer to eat fish and other sea-life, as opposed to animal meat. This may have something to do with the stigma attached to their barbaric, river-dwelling cousins, being unintelligent monsters that feed on both animal and man.

Zora tend to live in large lakes and areas with large waterfalls that won't easily freeze. Their cities tend to be beautiful, carved from coral, silver, and precious gems, especially sapphires.

Zora are characterized by slender, fishlike bodies, with long tail-like protrusions extending from their heads. They possess gills on their bodies, in roughly the same place human lungs would be, serving to allow them to breath water as well as air, even when only half-submerged. They possess webbed hands and feet, which make it even easier for them to swim, but more difficult to climb. Some possess patterns common to fish of all varieties, and some are solidly colored. Their colors tend to range the gambit from blue to black to grey to green, and almost any color in-between, with red being a color than only seems to occur in Zoran royalty. All Zora have green eyes, a trait of the species at large, except the tribes Seer, who's eyes glow a bright pink. They tend to grow taller than most races, ranging from 5'8" to 6'10".

The Zora                      Medium Humanoid

+2 Intelligence, +2 Dexterity, -2 Strength

Normal Speed, 30 ft.
Swim Speed, 50 ft.


Sea-Born: Zora receive a +8 to all Swim checks, and may always take 10 on Swim even if distracted or endagered. They may use the run action when swimming, as long as they're going in a straight line.

Graceful Swimmers: Zora use Strength or Dexterity (whichever is higher) to calculate Swim.

Water Sense: Zora possess a 30 ft. blindsense in water as long as they're completely submerged.

Amphibious: Zora may breathe both air and water normally. A Zora may remain out of the water for up to 10 days with no ill effects before needing to submerge again. After this, their skin begins to dry out to a dangerous level, and they take 1d4 Constitution damage per day until submerged in water for at least 2 hours for clean water, or 4 hours for murky water. A Zora cannot breathe or regain skin hydration levels in polluted or otherwise filthy or dangerous water or liquids.

Operculum: Zora gain a +2 to saving throws versus Illusions due to the way their eyes see the world above and below the waters.

Loyal to the Crown: Zora gain a +2 to Will saves versus enchantments and their effects due to their fierce stubbornness and dedication to their own people.

Energy Vulnerability (Electricity): Zora receive 50% more damage from electrical attacks and any other sources of electrical energy.

Deep Shadows: Zora receive a +4 to Stealth checks when submerged in water.

Fine Eye: Zora receive a +2 to all Appraise checks to determine the value of works of art such as paintings and statues.

Sea-Side Folk: Zora receive a +4 to all Profession (Fisherman) checks. They also receive a +2 to Craft (Painting) and Craft (Pottery), as well as a +2 to Craft (Armor) when crafting their races specialty armor. These skills always count as class skills for Zora.

Long Lives: Zora receive a +2 to Knowledge (History) and Knowledge (History) is always a class skill for them.

Slippery Skin: Due to the slippery nature of their skin, Zora receive a +2 to Escape Artist checks, and a +1 CMD against opposing Grapple checks. However, they receive a penalty of -1 CMD to resist Bull Rush and Trip attempts, as well as a -4 penalty to Climb.

Weapon Proficiency: Zora are proficient with Spears and any weapon with the Zora descriptor.