The Tokay are an ancient species that inhabit the tropical areas of Hyrule. They're found mostly in the overgrown and ancient ruins dotted amongst the Faron region in southern Hyrule, though they can also be found on some of the more growth heavy islands off the coasts. They're peaceable and very friendly, though secretive about their lands and traditions. The Tokay tend to live alone or in small groups, but large groups are merely uncommon. They have no leadership, and each Tokay is very much an individual. They love trading with other races for what they need, but its rare that they leave the safety of the jungle they know so well, so seeing a Tokay amongst the rabble in a city is very rare.

Tokay pride themselves on their skill at a sport called Tailball, where they meet several times a year in large, ancient colosseums to compete. They tend to excel at the physical arts, as they are tough and hardy, with intimidating visages but incredibly friendly personalities, though they're a bit dull and not well-read due to their isolation. They resemble large, bipedal dinosaurs, with metallic scales and some even possessing rigid spines. Their colors range from blue to red to green and everywhere in-between.

Tokay eat bark from trees as their main food source, but they favor fresh fruit and fish, and above all else, they crave magical seeds. This craving is derived from a talent ancient Tokay used to possess where they nourished themselves on the latent magical energy in the world, but most have since lost the ability. A select few have reawakened the power in recent years.

The Tokay               Medium Humanoid

+2 Constitution, +2 Charisma, -2 Intelligence

Normal Speed, 30 ft.

Low-light Vision

Natural Armor & Improved Natural Armor: Tokay receive a +1 racial bonus to AC as children, and +2 AC as adults, due to their tough, scaly hides.

Monstrous Bearing: Tokay gain a +2 racial bonus to Intimidate and a +2 racial bonus to Diplomacy.

Fearless: Tokay gain a +2 to saves vs Fear.

Hated Enemy: Tokay despise the Lizalfos, and being insulted in such a way can cause a berserk rampage in the normally peaceful creature. As such, they gain a +4 to all to-hit rolls against a Lizalfos enemy, and a +2 to confirm critical versus Lizalfos.

Jungle Heritage: Tokay receive a +2 to Knowledge (History) and a +2 to Knowledge (Nature).

Traders: Tokay receive a +4 to all Profession (Merchant) checks, and a +2 to all Craft (Baskets) and Craft (Leather) checks. These are considered class skills to the Tokay.

Keen Vision: All Tokay are exceptionally sharp of vision, and receive a racial bonus of +2 to Perception.

Weapon Familiarity: All Tokay are proficient with shortbows and longbows, and any weapon that has the Tokay or Lizalfos descriptors.