The Mogma are an intelligent race of humanoid moles that make a living digging up raw ores and gems from the earth. They are diligent and hardworking, and a valuable asset to any mining company that happens to hire one, though they usually tend to work for themselves. They live in the countryside in burrows they carve out themselves, doing their best not to disturb the countryside or the people living there too much.

After the events of the Calamity were quelled, the Mogma introduced the citizens of Hyrule to the subterranean race of Subrosians. They were key in brokering an immediate peace and securing trade, acting as go-betweens to quickly get through the earth.

They tend to have white, gray, or brown fur covering their bodies, with a smattering of extra fur on top of their heads, looking very similar to hair on a human. Their snouts extend out and curve a bit upward, ending in a black, dark blue, or pink nose. They have large claws on both hands in a curved, "scoop" shape, used for burrowing very quickly. Their tails end with an area of their fur a bright, colorful section in sharp contrast to their dull coloring. They are insectivores.

The Mogma               Medium Humanoid

+2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom

Slow speed, 20 ft.
Burrow speed, 40 ft. (30 ft. in Medium | 20 ft. in Heavy encumbrance)

Darkvision, blinded for 1 round upon entering bright light

Improved Stability: While half-submerged or completely submerged, Mogma cannot be tripped, grappled, or bull rushed.

Burrowing: Mogma have the ability to burrow at incredible speeds, to incredible effects. During combat, a free action may be taken in a round to either half-submerge in the earth or fully submerge if already half-submerged. The Mogma may do one or the other, not both in one round. When submerged, the Mogma has complete concealment, and must re-emerge to do anything else (a free action, as early as one round later than the round when the Mogma submerged). If attacking directly after coming back up, this is considered attacking from concealment. If the Mogma is engaged with an enemy targeting or watching them when submerging, the target may attempt to follow the Mogma's path underground to prevent themselves from being surprised. This is a Perception roll at -2 vs. a DC of 20 + the Mogma's Dexterity modifier.

Strong Burrowing: A Mogma can always breathe underground, unless buried in a material other than sand, loose gravel, or soil. If buried intentionally under another material (like concrete or water), the Mogma is considered to have the Hold Breath (EX) ability. At level 8, the Mogma may dig through stone at half speed. At level 16, the Mogma may attempt to dig through iron, steel, or any other soft metals at half speed.

 Tunneling: At level 10, a Mogma may choose whether or not to leave the dirt he burrows in behind him open in a 6 ft high tunnel. Loose soil will collapse in 6 rounds. Sand collapses immediately and cannot be tunneled in without a supply of water to thicken it.

Depth Sense: A Mogma always knows exactly how deep in the earth he is.

Perceptive Diggers: A Mogma gains a +7 racial bonus to Perception rolls.

Gem Salesman: Mogma gain a +4 to Appraise on all gems, both mystical and mundane.

Nature Lovers: Mogma gain a +4 to all checks for Profession (Herbalist) and Profession (Gardener).

Skulltula Hunters: Mogma love the flavor and crunch of Skulltula more than any other insect, and hunt them down with particular ease. As such, they gain a +4 to all to hit rolls against Skulltula enemies, and a +2 to all to hit rolls against any other insectoid enemies.

Weapon Familiarity: Mogma are proficient with warhammers and any weapon with the Mogma descriptor.