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Human – Humans are a prolific species and can be found nestled comfortably into any society. They hail from and are most common in Neclida and Eldin.

Hylian – Hylians are the most common race, their defining features being pointed ears and the ability to hear the voice of the Goddess. They can be found living nearly anywhere, but hail from Central Hyrule, where they rule.

Deku – A race of plant scrubs with small statures and even smaller limbs, they possess the unique ability to fire various nuts and seeds from their snouts, with varying effects. They hail from Kokiri, a forested area to the west of Central Hyrule.

Goron – A race of large, mountain-dwelling lithovores, massive in stature and personality. They live in any mountainous or hot area full of the rocks they need, but originated in Death Mountain, found in the Eldin region.

Rito – A race of humanoid bird-folk that live in tribes and celebrate freedom, they hail from a floating country above the southern part of the Tabantha region. Their most notable floating island is Dragon's Roost.

Sheikah – The Sheikah are a people hidden in mystery and shrouded in darkness. They protect the royal family of Hyrule, as they have always done, from Central Hyrule.

Zora – A race of fish-men with beautiful appearance, capable of breathing air as well as water and hailing from large, brightly designed cities. Their most well-known city is Zora's Domain, at the base of Lake Hylia, though they can be found along the beaches of the ocean as well.

Gerudo – An all-female race of desert-dwellers, they seek out men of other races to fall in love and procreate. They hail from Gerudo Valley in The Great Desert, also sometimes referred to as the Gerudo Desert.


Anouki – A race of small humanoids with unending courage and reindeer antlers. A migratory race, they currently inhabit the snowy mountains of Hebra.

Yook – A race of intelligent sasquatch-like creatures, living in a simple society in the Hebra region.

Skull Kid – The eternal spirit of a child once forgotten to the Lost Woods in Kokiri…

Subrosian – A recently contacted race of technologically advanced, industrious people found living deep under Hyrule.

Cobble – A race of intelligent rock creatures given life by ancient Gerudo mystics. They are found in The Great Desert, building pyramids and complex towns.

Amalgams – A sentient race of robotic humanoids, compiled from parts of an ancient robot race by human Tinkers. They originated in Ordon.

Mogma – A race of mole-people that make their living mining gems from the country-side. A diligent people, they brokered the meeting between the lands of Hyrule and Subrosia, introducing each other to trade.

Tokay – A reptilian, dinosaur like race found in the ancient ruins of the Faron region. Peaceable but secretive, they can also be found in the more tropical regions of Hyrule, and its surrounding islands.


Alchemist – Bombs are commonplace in Hyrule. The Alchemist is the man who supplies them. Usually a bit deranged, but dependable, Alchemists can be found in every society, crafting bombs for combat and mining, but you're most likely to find a Human or Hylian behind the counter.

Barbarian – In the uncivilized places of the world, tribal fighters that fight with rage and instinct can be found. These massive weapon wielding warriors can be found most commonly amongst Humans, Gorons, and monsters.

Bard – Musicians, historians, and lore-keepers, these traveling storytellers preserve the fragile past of Hyrule and its people, entertaining for coin to eat and traveling yet another day. Fighting with sword and spell, and backing their allies with magical songs, any race can be found as a Bard.

Cavalier – Mounted knights and soldiers, usually in service of their royal family, these warriors can be found riding horses, Loftwings, and even Dodongos into battle. These warriors are most commonly Human and Hylian, though as always, they can be any race.

Priest – Priestess – These healers are in tune with the goddesses, using their faith and divine energy to protect their allies and heal their wounds. Every race can be a Priest or Priestess, except Humans, who cannot commune with the goddesses.

Soothesayer – Protectors of nature and wanderer's of forgotten paths, these vagabonds have access to the very essence of nature itself to hamper their enemies. They can often summon allies from nature, and tend to be of the more wild races, such as Deku and Skull Kids.

Warrior – Adventurers, mercenaries, and soldiers, these warriors boast impressive arms and physical prowess. They come from all walks of life, and can be found nearly anywhere, fighting for glory and coin.

Inquisitor – These monster hunters are employed by royal families to root out and destroy the forces of evil wherever they lurk. All races have, in one time or another, had need for an Inquisitor to help them get rid of a pesky demon or infestation of ReDead.

Monk – These "masters of the body" are savants of unarmed combat, tapping into their inner chi and traveling their paths to find themselves. Goron, with their love of sumo wrestling and brawls, tend to be most commonly found as Monks, though they may be any race.

Seer – Once in a great while, someone is born with divine connection to the goddesses. These Seers can use this divine power to view possible futures, and protect their allies from potential harm. Any race may give birth to a Seer, except Humans.

Paladin – At the head of every great knight order is a powerful order of Paladins. These holy warriors fight for their kingdom and their beliefs, using their divine connection to the goddesses they fight for to smite their enemies and heal their allies.

Ranger – Rangers are survival experts, explorers, and hunters. They come from all walks of life, and exist in many forms. They are masters of the bow and sword alike, with some becoming so ingrained in their natural environment that they can learn to harness the energy around them. Many have an animal companion that they share their lives with.

Rogue – Tricksters, scoundrels, and thieves exist in every corner of the world. Whether its stealing to live or stealing for fun, or simply using their dexterous skills to help ruin scavenging crews avoid the traps and hazards inside, these skill masters are undoubtedly handy to have around.

Sorcerer – Some people are born with the natural ability to cast magic. Such people are usually always viewed with suspicion, as Hyrule's biggest tragedies have nearly always been caused by a rampant Sorcerer. Anyone can be a Sorcerer, though they are most commonly found amongst the Gerudo.

Summoner – Some wizards find they have a natural ability to call allies from the Dark Realm, and specifically one monster that always stays by their side. These wizards tend to become Summoners, who forego large, destructive spells to focus on swarming their enemies with their own allies. They tend to be Human or Hylian, though any race can study hard enough.

Witch – These cackling madmen/madwomen are capable of making incredible potions for their allies, and cursing their enemies with dark and vile magic. Always an enigma, they live on their own in the forgotten places of the world, rarely coming into contact with others. They tend to be Human and Hylian.

Wizard – These good-natured, studious magic-users have bent their learned manipulation of magical energy to whatever course of action they desire, manipulating the very elements and the earth around them to staggering effect. They tend to be Human and Hylian, though any race may become a wizard with enough study and the right tutelage… And just a little bit of talent.


Ninja – These Sheikah-trained masters of stealth put their skills to use protecting the royal family from the shadows. Sheikah are most commonly Ninja, though they will occasionally take in a Human or Hylian.

Samurai – A group of Sheikah-trained warriors dedicated to the art of the sword, these Samurai serve as the final line of defense for the royal family. They make incredible combatants and worthy foes.

Gladiator – In some of the bigger cities, Coliseums exist, and in these Coliseums are prizefighters, showy warriors that fight with flash and panache for the crowd against monsters and other opponents for entertainment.

Musician – These wandering songwriters are Bards in name only. They focus almost exclusively on music, writing, preparing and playing incredible magical songs of power that can accomplish almost anything.

Artificer – Far off in the ruins of ancient Hyrule, those that have seen the power of both magic and the technology of the ancient past have found a way to combine them into creations of incredible power. Often distrusted by others, they tend to live alone.

Knight – Heavily armored warriors that fight for chivalry, knights pride themselves on being the shock troopers of the royal family. Wandering knights tend to fight monsters and help the civilized people of the land for free, worrying only for others.

Shaman – Behind every barbarian tribe, be it man or monster, is a Shaman. These spiritual leaders support their tribes from behind with their eerie connection to the spirit realm, often doing strange dances and rituals to curse and hamper their foes.

Spellblade – Some sorcerers or wizards find themselves equally able to use a blade, and in some cases, these warriors supplement their swordplay with elemental energies.

Swashbuckler – Charismatic rogues, pirates, leaders, and fighters of the sea, Swashbucklers come from all walks of life.

Archivist – The archivist is capable of reading and using Ancient Hylian runes to cast spells, etching their magical incantations in symbols on the floor and walls, and even in scrolls.

Artisan – The artisan is a master of all trades, and a merchant at heart. Though combat skill is relatively terrible, Artisans are capable of crafting nearly anything, and have the charisma to put a king to shame.

Vagabond – The vagabond is actually an interdimensional traveler, hailing from the Dark World. Harsh life on the other side has led them to a life of using dark powers to buff themselves and debuff their foes, all while wielding weaponry with ease. They are incredibly intimidating, completely by accident.

Scion – At the head of every paladin order is its Scion, a master of arms and wielder of internal energies.

Gravekeeper – Hylians have always relied on gravekeepers to keep their buried dead at rest. With a love of life and an intimate knowledge of death, these mysterious folk use necromancy not for killing, but for healing, and raising guardians to protect those still living.

Tamer – Some wandering warriors eventually find themselves in the company of a monster that, rather than trying to kill them, find themselves attached to the adventurer. These warriors tend to become Tamers, fighting in sync with their monster companions.

Medium – Some people have an innate ability to see the spirit realm, and connect with Poe and other spirits. They use these abilities to their advantage, hampering foes in both realms with their spiritual powers.

Necromancer – Some wizards and sorcerers eventually find themselves obsessed with death and decay. To the exclusion of all else, they hone their craft alone, summoning ReDead and Stalfos on a whim and presiding over a kingdom of bone.

Martial Artist – Some fighters find themselves so completely in-tune with their own two hands that they constantly seek out challenges stronger than themselves to prove their own power. Unlike Monks, these combatants relish combat, and can be found doing combat with their fists, a staff, or any variety of martial weapon.

Bounty Hunter – When a threat is large enough to require a kingdom to pay for its removal, a Bounty Hunter is called. These strategists find a way to trap their target, bringing them back for their pay alive, or ending their life swiftly.

Corsair – Amongst sailors, none is more tough and strong as the Corsair.

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