Goron are a hardy, tough species that mostly inhabit mountains, including their homeland of Death Mountain, located in northern Hyrule. They are well known for their smithing technique, and make impressive miners, clearing large swathes of land with very little effort. Goron tribes are Patriarchal, with the oldest and usually most powerful (both in strength and personality) Goron being the Elder. Though they live in tight-knit  communities, they are incredibly social creatures, well known for their love of partying and traditional sumo wrestling.

Goron can grow to enormous sizes, given the proper conditions and food, and are known to live in places of extreme heat- including volcanoes. They tend to live near these mountains as their main food source is mineral-rich ore and rocks, and hot places like volcanoes make it incredibly unlikely they'll suffer from the effects of their severe cold aversion.

Goron are characterized by their tough, rocky hides, small black eyes, and tribal tattoos. Some Goron even have "hair", large and usually white rocky growths. Goron trend larger than most races. They range from 5’10" to nearly 8’0", with others growing to be the size of small hills and even larger.

The Goron         Medium Humanoid

+2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, -2 Dexterity

Slow Speed, 20 ft.


Natural Armor & Improved Natural Armor: Goron receive a +1 racial bonus to AC as children, and +2 AC as adults, due to their rocky exteriors.

Stability: Goron receive a +4 racial bonus to their CMD when resisting Bull Rush or Trip attempts while standing on stable ground.

Stonecunning: Goron receive a +4 bonus to perception to notice unusual stonework, including traps. They also receive this ability passively while within 10 ft. of an object.

Depth Sense: Goron can always intuit exactly how deep into the earth they are.

Energy Resistance (Fire): Goron receive a fire resistance rating based on their level.
    Level 2 – Resistance 2
    Level 6 – Resistance 4
    Level 10 – Resistance 6
    Level 14 – Resistance 8
    Level 18 – Resistance 10
In addition, Goron are completely immune to damage from non-magical, heat-based sources (such as fire, lava, or magma) as long as they are non-hostile in nature.

Energy Vulnerability (Cold): Goron receive 50% more damage from cold-based sources. They also receive a -4 penalty to resist extreme cold.

Dense Body: Goron receive a -4 penalty to Acrobatics and a -4 penalty to Stealth checks due to their incredible density and large form. In addition, they cannot swim and sink to the bottom of any body of water.

Stony Exterior: If a Goron rolls into a ball and attempts to hide amongst stones or large boulders, he loses his -4 penalty to Stealth checks.

Mountain Craftsmen: Goron receive a +4 to all Profession (Miner) checks and a +2 to any Craft (Stonemasonry) checks, or to create an object from stone. They also get a +2 to Craft (Weapons). These are all considered class skills to the Goron.

Wisdom of the Earth: Goron receive a +2 to Knowledge (Dungeoneering) skills due to their close proximity to caves and mines for their entire lives. This is considered a class skill for the Goron.

Lithovore: Goron require mineral-rich rocks and ore to survive. They do not like precious gems, though they can eat them if they have no other source of food.

Powerful Build: The physical stature of a Goron lets him function in many ways as if he were one size category larger. A Goron is treated as one size category larger when determining CMD and CMB. He is also considered one size category larger when determining if special attacks (such as improved grapple or swallow attempts) affect him. A Goron can use weapons one size category larger than themselves with no penalty. However, his space and reach remain at the size category he actually is. In addition, carry weight is determined as if the Goron has the strength bonus of a one size larger category. The benefits of this trait stack with the effects of powers, abilities, and spells that change the subjects size category.

Weapon Familiarity: Goron are proficient with Heavy Picks and any weapon with the Goron descriptor.