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  • Slow Going

    Its taking me awhile, but I'm nearly there. Just a few more tweaks to the classes as a whole, and the rest of the races, and we can get started.

  • Home Page

    Welcome to the main page of The Legend of Zelda - The Zodiac Masks! This portal is being primarily used by my adventuring group, but may be freely perused and adopted by anyone.

     - ORDERS

  • Main Page

    This section will be fleshed out into a full-fledged table of contents, in time.


    [[Human]] - Humans are a prolific species and can be found nestled comfortably into any society. They hail from and are most common in …

  • Tokay

    The Tokay are an ancient species that inhabit the tropical areas of Hyrule. They're found mostly in the overgrown and ancient ruins dotted amongst the Faron region in southern Hyrule, though they can also be found on some of the …

  • Mogma

    The Mogma are an intelligent race of humanoid moles that make a living digging up raw ores and gems from the earth. They are diligent and hardworking, and a valuable asset to any mining company that happens to hire one, though they …

  • Skull Kid

    Skull Kids are the spirits of lost children given form. In Kokiri territory, there exists a dark forest known as the Lost Woods. It is said that men that get lost inside are doomed to become Stalfos, and children become Skull Kids.

  • Human

    Humans are a hardy race, built strong and tough. Hailing from the Neclida and Eldin regions of Hyrule, Humans make excellent fighters and farmers, and can excel in almost any profession or walk of life they choose. They're …

  • Hylian

    Hylians are the dominant race in Hyrule, and act as both the rulers of Hyrule and the Goddesses' chosen. They are strong and dexterous, though they tend to be more graceful than Humans, and slightly more fragile. They excel …

  • Deku

    The Deku are a species of sentient plant-life that reside in and around Mido's Swamp and Lake Saria near the Lost Woods in the Kokiri area, which they feel a draw to. They have green thumbs and tend to spread life and vegetation …

  • Rito

    The Rito are a courageous species of humanoid avian that tend to live as high off the ground as they possibly can. Though they've been grounded due to the influence of calamity Ganon for the last 100 years, as it was too dangerous …

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